Purify Ayurvedic Dhoop


Ayurvedic Dhoop Therapy

Ward off negative energies with ayurvedic herbs

Discover true purification as you cleanse your home, surroundings, place of work and worship with this rare blend of botanicals, which sanitise the atmosphere and cleanse it of negative energies and bugs.

  • PURE BLEND of loban lemon peel chitrathai marigold petals.
  • 100% NATURAL & SAFE – pure botanicals, no cheap fillers, sawdust, talc or charcoal.
  • AUTHENTIC AYURVEDIC INCENSE – formulation blends all 5 nature elements (Panch Mahabhoot dhoop).

** Expiry Date – 31st Dec 2023

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All our products are carefully packaged for shipping in high quality boxes. For special occasions, we also offer optional premium packaging to make it a special gift.

Premium Packaging 2 (د.إ130.00)

All our products are carefully packaged for shipping in high quality boxes. For special occasions, we also offer optional premium packaging to make it a special gift.

Premium Packaging 2 (د.إ130.00)




Transform your home into a sanctuary of positivity and peace with the disinfecting inspiring aroma of our Purify dhoop, incense powder blend. A unique, 100% unprocessed blend of all 5 elements of nature; Ether (Fruits), Water (Stems), Earth (Roots), Fire (Flowers), and Air (Leaves), work together and in singularity to create sacred spaces.


  • AROMA -THERAPEUTIC: Only pure aromatic botanical extracts and oils, NO phthalates, synthetic perfumes and fragrances, toxic binders. Breathe conscious bliss.


  • GIVE YOUR SPACE AN ENERGY DETOX: Burning incense is believed to remove stagnant energy, dispel negative energy and promote free flow of positive energy for optimal well-being.


  • DISINFECT & DEODORISE: The antibacterial powers of pure incense are known to cleanse and disinfect air from pollutants, bugs and viral/bacterial invasion.




“Incense therapy and fumigation using aromatic plants are an essential and integral part of Ayurveda, primarily for antimicrobial purification and protection, and treatment of emotional and mental distress. Omved’s collection of richly aromatic 100% natural, therapeutic incense blends/dhoops follow in this time-honored tradition. Omved incense blends are strictly made according to the ‘PANCH-MAHABHOOT’ Ayurveda principles, using all 5 elements from nature – Ether (fruits), Water (Stems), Earth (Roots), Fire (Flowers), Air (Leaves). Combining this ancient wisdom with only the finest, natural ingredients guarantee that our incense blends offer exceptional aromatic palettes along with therapeutic medicinal benefits. Burning authentic pure incense is an experience not only for the senses but also the soul.


What kind of a container is required to burn the dhoop powder?

We recommend using metal or cermaic containers to burn the dhoop.

Is it safe to leave the dhoop unattended?

We encourage you to practice proper fire safety. Do not leave burning dhoop unattended. If you need to leave the room, extinguish it. Dip the charcoal tablet in water to extinguish it completely.

Can I use the dhoop everyday?

Yes, you can burn the dhoop everday to cleanse your surroundings and purify the air you breathe.

Power ingredients

Lemon Peel – These citrus peels leave hints of refreshing aroma that acts as natural air cleansers.


Loban’s enticing fragrance creates a peaceful and inviting environment. It helps in clearing and balancing one’s aura and energy field, unblocks human body energy centres, wards off evil and negative energies.


Chirathai (Alpinia Officinarum) with its peppery, wild, slightly camphor-like fragrance cleanses air and creates a pleasant and soothing meditative atmosphere.


Marigold’s sweet floral aroma is said to repel bugs and charge the environment with positive and auspicious energy.

Step 1:Ignite an Omved Charcoal disc and pace in your dhoopdaan/incense holder (hold with metal tongs).

Step 2:You can make a layer of sand to your incense burner, to absorb the heat if required.

Step 3:When the charcoal self-ignites across the surface and starts to go grey around the edges, add the incense blend.

Step 4:Fan by hand to spread the aromatic smoke around. –

Step 5:Do not throw charcoal immediately after use as it may continue to burn for longer duration. Dip it in water to douse it.

Caution:Burn in a well ventilated space. Do not leave burning incense unattended and keep safe from children and pets.


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